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Measuring the Impact of the VCS in Wiltshire

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Economic and social impact research

How does a voluntary or community organisation know that what it does is making a difference to the lives of the people or communities they are seeking to serve?

Wiltshire Council has partnered with University of Bath to carry out a research project looking into the economic and social impact of Wiltshire’s voluntary and community sector. The latest report (phase one) is a quantitative and qualitative survey based piece of research.

The University of Bath are working with the council’s Communities and Voluntary Sector Support Team (VCS) to undertake a three phase research project. This will provide evidence about the impact of Wiltshire’s VCS as well as looking at the appropriateness and effectiveness of some of the many impact measurement tools currently available.

Phase Two

Phase two comprises a more detailed qualitative analysis using case studies. Interviews and meeting/event observations of a small number of organisations selected from the survey sample will provide richer findings about the impact groups have on their beneficiaries.

you can download a copy of the phase 2 VCS Impact survey for more details.

Phase Three

In phase 3 a social accounting and audit process was undertaken with three Wiltshire VCS organisations which are then fully written up as case studies. This final phase of the VCS Impact Survey provides valuable practical information for organisations and provides a critical assessment of the Impact Assessment process, highlighting both obstacles and tips for those who are considering embarking on measuring their impact.

You can download a copy of the PDFphase 3 VCS Impact survey phase 3 VCS Impact survey 18mb.

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