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Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record

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MWI11913 - SU14SE138

Boscombe Down Phase V

A pit circle consisting of 32 pits, the diameters of which range from 0.4 -1.4m with a depth of 0.07-0.7m. Dating obtained suggest Late Neolithic - Early Bronze Age.
Grid reference
Grid reference not available
Amesbury Civil Parish, South Wiltshire
Monument type
(A hole or cavity in the ground, either natural or the result of excavation. Use more specific type where known.)
Period: Neolithic, 4000 BC to 2351 BC
Description and sources
A small segmented ditch of approximately 7m in diameter situated just south of barrow, SU14SE786. A grave containing the crouched inhumation of a child was located at the southern edge of the ring ditch. No grave goods were found. The form of the ditch suggest a Late Neolithic - Early Bronze Age.
  1. Report – Wessex Archaeology, 2005. Boscombe Down Phase V Excavations, Amesbury, Publisher: Wessex Archaeology, Unit Report number: 56240.02, Wiltshire Council Catalogue Number: 2005.143


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