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Drug and alcohol use

Drug and alcohol use can have a significant impact on individuals, families, friends and the communities we live in. Providing high quality specialist services that are easily accessed by the people who need it is vital in reducing the health and social impacts of drug and alcohol use.

General information about the health effects of drugs and alcohol can be found at (opens new window).

Key messages

  • both men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week which is the equivalent to 6 pints of 4% beer, 6 medium glasses of 13% wine, or 14 single 25ml serves of spirits for more information see the UK Chief Officer Medical Guidance (opens new window)
  • whether you need support with your own or someone else's drug and/ or alcohol use, support in Wiltshire is available. Contact Connect Substance Use service on 0300 555 0157 or email (opens new window)
  • if you or someone else needs urgent help after taking drugs or drinking, call 999 for an ambulance tell the crew everything you know. It could save their life

Support available in Wiltshire

Additional information, support and resources

Substance use and mental health 

Substance misuse can have a significant impact upon your mental health. Further information about mental health support can be found at 'Mental health and wellbeing'. 

    If your life is at imminent risk, please call 999 for immediate help.

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