Drug and alcohol misuse

Research shows that many of us have found ourselves drinking more to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation during the pandemic. As we begin to return to normal life, there will be new pressures too - pressures to drink, 'sober shaming' (being made to feel not drinking is wrong), and pressures we put on ourselves to get back to 'normal' socialising. If you are worried about this or are struggling with these things, there is support available further down this page.

If a loved one is drinking heavily, it can cause huge worry. Wiltshire's drug and alcohol service, IMPACT Turning Point can provide support to families. Details of how to access this can be found in the sections below.

There is also a real risk of someone's drinking causing serious conflict, with alcohol being a factor in many cases of domestic abuse. If you are affected in any way by domestic abuse, please seek help. If you are in immediate danger, call 999.

You can find information about support available in Wiltshire below:

There is additional information about domestic abuse on our website at Domestic abuse awareness and information

If you'd like to hear more about alcohol, have concerns about your own or somebody else's drinking levels then this page has lots of useful information which may help you.

Key messages

  • Both men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • 14 units is the equivalent to 6 pints of 4% beer, 6 medium glasses of 13% wine, or 14 single 25ml serves of spirits
  • If you do drink 14 units then it should be spread across 3 or more days
  • If you are pregnant you shouldn't drink any alcohol
  • You should limit the amount of alcohol you drink in any one session
  • For more information please see the UK Chief Officer Medical Guidance

Drug and alcohol misuse - more information

Drug and alcohol misuse can have a significant impact on individuals, families, friends and the communities we live in. Providing high quality specialist services that are easily accessed by the people who really need it is vital in reducing the health and social impacts of drug and alcohol misuse.

General information about the health effects of drugs and alcohol can be found on the NHS Choices website, where you can also find out how much alcohol is too much.

Services for young people

Motiv8 is a service for young people who need help with substance misuse:

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