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Subject Access

You are entitled to apply for personal information recorded about you and/or your child by making a Subject Access Request under Article 15 of the GDPR. You can only obtain information which is about yourself, or your child(ren) if they are under the age of 13 after which age they may have capacity to apply in their own right. You have the right to request this information from any organisation you believe is processing your information.

If you wish to make any such application to the council, please write to the Information Governance team or email to make your request to (opens new window). Please be as specific as you can about the information you seek as this helps us to find it as quickly as possible. We will not acknowledge or deal with requests requiring us to open links to portals or websites acting as intermediaries. Please make your request as described above so that it may receive prompt attention.

Before providing you with such sensitive information, the Information Governance team will need to see evidence to confirm your identity (this can be by scan or photocopy of a passport or driving licence or birth certificate) and address (similarly by scan/copy of a utility bill or official letterhead). Your identity evidence will not be retained after it has been examined.

If you are seeking information from your child(ren)'s records, we will need to see something to prove you have parental responsibility such as copies of the child(ren)'s birth certificates.

Please do not send original documents to the council offices as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

Subject Access Statistics

Subject Access Requests made under data protection legislation in the previous 12 months

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