We're Targeting Fly-tippers

We've launched a new campaign to encourage you to report fly-tippers. If you spot someone fly-tipping in Wiltshire, report the offender to us, and as a reward you'll get a gift voucher of up to £200 following the payment of a Fixed Penalty Notice or a successful prosecution.

We want to put a stop to fly-tipping, and we need your help to catch the culprits to keep your county cleaner, greener and safer.

Report a fly-tipper

What should I do when I discover fly-tipping?

  • Do not try to rummage through the waste yourself or disturb the waste, as this could affect the scene and potential formal action. This may also put you in danger as there could be hazardous or sharp items hidden among the waste. Council staff will carry out a thorough examination of the waste as part of their investigation.
  • Do not attempt to confront anyone who is fly-tipping or put yourself in danger in any way. Instead, try to gather as much useful information as you can such as:
    1. Time and date of incident;
    2. Description of person(s) dumping waste;
    3. Description of vehicle(s) involved, including registration numbers; make; model; colour.
    4. Description of the waste dumped;
    5. Photographs and videos can also be very useful, but only if it is possible to obtain them safely.

The more information you are able to provide, the better the chances of an investigation.

Finally, report the fly-tipped waste to us.

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