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Marriage in a Civil or Religious Building (other than Church of England/Wales) after 3 May 2021

What will these changes mean to you?

New marriage legislation means that the way a marriage is registered in England and Wales will change from 4 May 2021.

You will no longer sign a marriage register or be given a Marriage Certificate during the ceremony, instead you will sign a Marriage Schedule. This is a one-page document which contains the details of both people getting married which are needed to register a marriage.

The Marriage Schedule will be provided by the Superintendent Registrar in the registration district of your marriage and will contain all the details required to complete a marriage registration.

From this date, in addition to father details, other parent details will be able to be recorded i.e. mother, step-parent.

Each person will still be required to give notice of marriage and the marriage ceremony will remain the same, it is only the way in which a marriage is registered that will change.

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