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Types of EV charging available

Destination charging (in council-owned car parks)

These chargers are intended to encourage EV users to commercial areas, and are found in council car parks. They are provided through BP Pulse, which charges monthly for access to their machines and network. There are issues with the current infrastructure and we are currently seeking a long-term solution. We are working to address this as soon as we can, but as this requires a new policy and funding, it may take some time.

BP Pulse has reported that all the current out of action and offline EV chargers are unrepairable due to their age (over six years old) and replacement parts are no longer available. Visit Connecting Wiltshire (opens new window) to find out more about EV charging.

Many other destination providers such as supermarkets also provide changing facilities. Visit Zap Map (opens new window) to find an EV charger.

Residential charging

There are three types of residential charging:

  • Off-street charging for residents: this is when residents have a charger installed at their home. Government grants are available for this.
  • Charging for residents without off street parking: this is the opportunity to charge on street, with the cable running from the home - this requires approval to ensure it is not dangerous to other road users.
  • On-street chargers: these are for people who have no access to the other two options. In this instance, we're asking for residents to propose EV charger locations.

Town and parish charging

Town and parish councils can apply for funding from OZEV. More information can be found on GOV.UK (opens new window).

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