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Wiltshire draft climate strategy 2022-2027. August 2021

Emissions explained

Throughout this document we use the term 'carbon' and 'carbon dioxide'. Carbon is not harmful in itself, but is used as shorthand for carbon dioxide - the gas responsible for 80% of global warming.

Other greenhouse gases also contribute to climate change, such as methane and nitrous oxides. While the charts in this section only track carbon dioxide (CO2), we need to stop all greenhouse gases from accumulating in the atmosphere. The actions that we put in place will also decrease the other main greenhouse gases.

An average person will emit 5.2 tonnes of CO2 per year

A return flight to Orlando will emit 2.1 tonnes of CO2

A return flight to Rome will emit 0.44 tonnes of CO2

A return rail trip to Rome will emit 0.04 of CO2

An area the size of Wiltshire completely covered with trees could absorb only 1/3 of our county's annual emissions.

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