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Wiltshire draft climate strategy 2022-2027. August 2021

Strategies and targets


February - Wiltshire Council declares a Climate Emergency

June - Global Warming and Climate Emergency Task Group first meeting

October - Wiltshire Council programme to change streetlights to LEDs begins (set to achieve an 83% reduction in carbon emissions by 2023 compared to 2013/14 baseline)


Government publishes Energy White Paper

Part 1 of the independent National Food Strategy published

Wiltshire Council upgrades to fully traceable green energy tariff

Wiltshire Council programme to retrofit council homes to Energy Performance Certificate B is agreed


Government publishes Bus Back Better the National Bus strategy

Wiltshire Council begins work (using Public Sector Decarbonisation funding) to upgrade heating systems and add solar PV to a range of buildings in its own estate (estimated to save 1200 tonnes of CO2 per year)

Wiltshire Council starts work on Local Cycling and Walking infrastructure plans and receives Bus Back Better funding

Wiltshire Council Community Environmental Toolkit produced

Government set to publish national EV infrastructure strategy; Heat and Buildings Strategy; Aviation Strategy and England Tree Strategy.

Summer - National Transport Decarbonisation Plan, Hydrogen Strategy and National Food Strategy published

November UN Climate Change Conference (COP) 26 to be held in the UK-


February 2022 Wiltshire Climate Strategy and Wiltshire Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy adopted

2023 - Wiltshire Local Transport Plan

2022/2023 - Delivery Plans for Climate Strategy

2025 - Government's Future Homes Standard and Future Buildings standard to be introduced

2025 -

Government target for fossil fuel boilers to be banned in new builds 2028 - Government target date to have 600,000 air source heat pump installations per year 2030 - Government target for four operational Carbon Capture and Storage clusters (two in 2020 and to by 2030) 2032 - Government target for public sector to have reduced its direct emissions by 50% compared to a 2017 baseline Wiltshire Council climate team in place

Wiltshire Council zero carbon modular new build council homes pilot starts production Government's National Environment Bill target set to become law 2023 - Wiltshire Local Plan 2030 - Government set to end the of sale of new petrol and diesel cars 2050 - Government UK target for net zero carbon emissions

This diagram shows a range of key National Government and Wiltshire Council strategies and targets. As it is important to start as soon as possible, we are also seizing the immediate opportunities that are highlighted for this year.

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