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Wiltshire Climate Strategy Discussion Document January 2021

Climate Strategy - Our approach

Since Wiltshire Council acknowledged the climate emergency in February 2019, a Councillor Task Group was set up and provided recommendations on ways to reduce carbon emissions, while individual council services started looking at their role.  A new Climate team was formed in 2020.

Our new strategy will be a basis for county-wide efforts towards achieving carbon neutrality. It will provide a steer and help to prioritise the big wins for carbon emissions reduction and climate resilience. It will not be a delivery plan but will inform further detailed plans and projects. 

While preparing the strategy, Wiltshire Council will also be working to reduce its emissions as an organisation. In addition, we will be seizing opportunities to implement wider initiatives in areas that we already know will be significant for our pathway towards carbon neutral.

These are 'no regrets' initiatives, that can be started as soon as resources allow. Even though we still need to refine our understanding of emissions, impacts and possible solutions, we will not wait to start work on delivery.

Information on what the council is already doing to combat carbon emissions and become resilient to climate change can be found in our twice-yearly updates to Wiltshire Council's Cabinet and Full Council. 

The council will reduce emissions within its direct control and will also use a range of 'levers of influence' - from regulatory powers, to influencing and working in partnership - to have a much wider impact.

Local authority levers of influence are: 

Direct control: e.g. Council's operation, buildings, fleet

Indirect control: e.g. Buying, goods and services, investments, business travel

Regulatory role: e.g. Planning, licensing

Leadership and demonstration: e.g. Leading by example. Showcasing and rewarding good practice

Partnership: e.g. Joint delivery, convening, co-ordinating, supporting

Enabling and engaging: e.g. Inspiring action, providing information

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