Mobile Homes FPP fees

Record of Officer Decision

Adoption of a policy to charge for applications made by a persons to register as a Fit and proper person under the Mobile Home (Requirement for Manager of Sites to be Fit and Proper Person)(England) Regulation 2020.

Decision made

To adopt the policy to charge a fee to make a fit and proper person assessment under the Mobile Home (Requirement for Manager of Sites to be Fit and Proper Person)(England) Regulation 2020 policy

Made by

Simon Hendey, Director for Housing and Commercial Development.


  1. As the Director for Housing and Commercial Development, I am responsible for any matters relating to the licensing of caravan site in Wiltshire.
  2. The Regulations require that a local authority must make a fit a proper person assessment in relation to land used as a relevant protected site. The local authority once determining an application must:
    a. Establish and keep up to date a register of person who they are satisfied are fit and proper persons to manage a relevant protected site in their area
    b. Make the register open to the inspection by members of the public at the offices of the local authority during normal office house: and
    c. Publish the register online
  3. To undertake this function there are cost to the council that may be made. The fee must be received for the application at the time of submission
  4. The matter which may be considered in connection with a charge are considered in Appendix 1. The hourly rate has bene based on the council of the employment of a Housing Conditions Officer including support and other on costs.


1. To charge a fee of £225 per applicant to register with the council as a fit and proper person.

Reason for decision

1. There are costs to the council to process and check a fit and proper person application and to maintain a register of person. Given this it would be only right and proper for the council to charge an applicant for this service to recover the cost of administration.

2. I confirm that in making this decision I have considered the following in line with Wiltshire Council's Constitution:


Key decision requirementsN/A
Views of relevant cabinet member(s), committee chairman, area board(s)No
Consideration of the area boards and delegated decision checklist for officers on the issue of when and how to involve local councillors and area boards in decisions about local servicesN/A
Implication of any council policy, initiative, strategy or procedureYes
Consultation in accordance with the council's consultation strategyN/A
Range of options availableYes-See Below
Staffing, financial and legal implicationsN/A
Risk assessmentYes-See Below
Involvement of statutory officers and/or directorsN/A
Regional or national guidance from other bodiesN/A
The council's constitutionYes
This contract is suitable for execution under the e-signature process.N/A

Conflict of Interest

4. Not applicable

Other options considered

5. Not to adopt a policy to charge which would mean the full cost of undertaking a fit and proper person check would fall fully on the general fund.

Made By: Simon Hendey, Director for Housing and Commercial Development

Appendix 1

Fee to make a fit and proper person assessment under the Mobile Home (Requirement for Manager of Sites to be Fit and Proper Person)(England) Regulation 2020
1Invitation etc to submit application answering enquiries2010.88
2Receipt of application scanning of items and saving on system set up job on system105.44
3Return of original certificates and acknowledgement ie. DBS105.44
4Check certification make enquiries including management and financial information (credit check land registry, historical breaches )12065.28
5Application reviewed by a 2nd officer3016.32
6Grant of application or service of preliminary notice158.16
7Establish any applicable condition assume 1 per application4524.48
8Discuss and confirm applicable condition with 2 nd member of staff (15min discussion)3016.32
9Review appeal paperwork. Assume 1in 4 application appeal total 120min per appeal which is 40 mins3016.32
10Discuss appeal with a 2nd member of staff. 60 mins per appeal if 1 in 4 appeal (15min discussion)3016.32
11Produce appeal response 60 mins but if 1 in 4 appeal then 20mins158.16
12Issue Final decision Notice following appeal assumes 1in 4 appeal at that a final decision takes 60mins158.16
13Add details to public register, update system and amend website3016.32
14Annual maintenance and review of register158.16
N/ARounded DownN/A225