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Wiltshire Council Shared Ownership

What is shared ownership?

Shared ownership or part buy/part-rent offers you the chance to buy a share of your home and pay rent on the remaining equity share and is designed to help you buy a home of your own. 

There is also Older Persons Shared Ownership (OPSO), available for those aged 55 or over that enables you to part buy or rent a purpose built home. This may be because you are looking to downsize, or simply because your current home is no longer meeting your needs. Shared ownership is one alternative option to renting or full ownership and may be suitable if you cannot afford to buy a home outright.

You will have the same rights and responsibilities as any other homeowner, which means you will be able to decorate as you please! If you would like to make big changes, such as knocking down a wall or adding on an extension you will need to ask the Council's permission first. This is because it could change the value of your home.

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