Guide to the Call-in process


Call-in is a provision of the Local Government Act (2000) that enables councillors to ensure that the principles of decision making set out in the council's Constitution are adhered to. It allows Overview and Scrutiny (O&S) committees to require the council's executive to reconsider certain decisions  prior to implementation.

Call-in is only intended to be used in exceptional circumstances when councillors believe that a decision has been taken in a way that is contrary to the council's principles of decision making and when representations to the decision maker about these concerns have not resolved the issue.

This guide supports Part 8 of the council's constitution - Overview and Scrutiny Procedure Rule - and describes:

  • Which decisions can be called in
  • Who can call a decision in
  • How to request a call-in
  • What options overview and scrutiny committees have when considering a decision that has been called in
  • What decision makers must do when a decision has been called in and referred back to them for reconsideration.

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