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Infrastructure Funding Statement

2. Section 106 Planning Obligations

Collection and expenditure

2.1 Looking at Section 106 activity in 2022/ 2023, the Council received a total of £11,521,673.81 in Section 106 financial contributions, with £8,117,838.01 being spent within this period. This consists of £559,796.91 for funding highways works in the County, £1,618,480.77 spent on improving existing or creating new open spaces, £1,307,600.00 on affordable housing and £3,687,128.94 towards additional school places in the county.

Table 1 - Section 106 financial contributions received in 2022/ 2023
Infrastructure typeSection 106 monies available
Public open space£2,187,081.09
Affordable housing£370,871.67
Table 2 - Section 106 financial contributions spent in 2022/ 2023
Infrastructure typeSection 106 monies available
Public open space£1,618,480.77
Affordable housing£1,307,600.00

1Includes public art, ecology, community facilities, air quality, waste and recycling, libraries, fire service and health care.

2.2 Section 106 monies are normally ring-fenced to be spent in the area where the development will take place to mitigate its impact. Financial contributions typically have a set time within which they can be spent; in Wiltshire, this is usually 10 years. Therefore, at any one time there will be a pot of monies that will have accrued but that is restricted in the way it can be spent and is often tied to specific projects and therefore cannot be used for other purposes.

Future spending priorities

2.3 Section 106 income varies on a site-by-site basis depending upon a range of factors, such as the viability of development and site-specific considerations. This makes it difficult to forecast future Section 106 income and expenditure.

2.4 Appendix A provides details on the following:

  • Developments from which Section 106 contributions have been received in 2022/2023
  • Projects delivered off-site by Section 106 contributions in 2022/2023
  • Developments from which Section 106 contributions have been secured for future years. These have planning permission and contributions will be paid in future years should the developments progress as planned. These contributions will be paid by the developers either once development has commenced on site or once a specified number of homes has been delivered on the site.

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