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Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) Terms of Reference

Meetings and Governance

  1. Meetings will be convened by Wiltshire Council following completion of a trigger form (see Appendix 1) by a core member of the ESAG group and usually a minimum of 10 working days' notice shall be given.
  2. Special or emergency meetings may be called by the Chair if a request is made by any of the core member organisation.
  3. The ESAG may request site visits or inspections of the site of a public event (whether before, during, or after an event). A record of the inspection/visit will be circulated to all relevant parties.
  4. Member organisations should ensure that they are represented at the ESAG meetings.
  5. Wiltshire Council will normally provide an agenda and papers for meetings.
  6. Persons attending meetings other than the members of the ESAG may, at the discretion of the Chair, be excluded from the meeting.
  7. Meetings will not usually be open to the public.
  8. The ESAG recommendations and/or action points will be made in accordance with its role and terms of reference .The minutes of the meetings will be circulated to all group members and to such other parties as may be determined by the Chair.
  9. The number of ESAG meetings in any year can be flexible and responsive to particular circumstances and will be event specific.

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