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Data Protection and Subject Access Policy

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Reference NumberVersion 3.2
Sponsor(s)/Author(s)Andrew Holyoake
Statutory Data Protection Officer
AmendmentsInsertion of hyperlinks to linked resources, updating certain provisions from DPA 2018 in respect of elected members, removal of references to ICO notification and reflecting the UK legislative changes as a non-EU member
Document objectivesTo ensure compliance with statutory requirements in relation to the processing of personal information across the Council. To provide guidance on data subjects' right to access their own information.
Intended RecipientsWiltshire Council Officers, temporary staff, Volunteers, Elected Members, and members of the public.
Group/Persons ConsultedNone
Monitoring Arrangements and IndicatorsNone
Training/Resource ImplicationsInformation Governance Board
Ratifying Body and Date RatifiedV3.2 February 2021
Original April 2018
Date of IssueOriginal April 2018
Review DateMarch 2025
Contact for ReviewInformation Governance
SIRO signatureMaria Doherty, Deputy SIRO
PP Ian Gibbons, SIRO

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