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Homes for Ukraine Scheme

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The government has laid out plans for welcoming refugees in its GOV.UK: Homes for Ukraine (opens new window).

The government scheme will offer a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone willing to provide them with a home. Individuals, charities, community groups and businesses (opens new window) can volunteer accommodation. Sponsors can provide accommodation for as long as they are able but there is a minimum expectation of six months. Those arriving will need to meet standard security checks. Sponsors and all adults in the sponsoring households will also be subject to security checks and may be subject to safeguarding checks too.

People interested can record their interest at GOV.UK: Register interest Homes for Ukraine (opens new window) to receive updates and more information on how to apply. Sponsors can be of any nationality, with any immigration status, provided they have at least six months' leave to remain within the UK. In the first phase of the scheme sponsors will need to have a named person whom they wish to sponsor. This could be a friend, someone they are already connected with or it could be someone they have been linked with by a charity, faith group or other organisation. Sponsors need to provide accommodation for a minimum of six months. The government will provide an optional payment of £350 per month for up to 12 months for those offering accommodation. Beyond the 12 month period, the payment will increase to £500.

Support for end of host arrangements & refer a host scheme - September 2023 update

The Homes4Ukraine scheme has been in place since March 2022, since this time, many Ukraine nationals have left their host placements and have successfully found their own private rented accommodation or properties via Homes4Wiltshire.

To support guests, Wiltshire Council offers financial support in the form of the Ukraine Wilts Let Scheme and the Moving on Grant. Wiltshire Council has also purchased homes using government funding through the Local Authority Housing Fund (LAHF) and Stone Circle that can be used for Ukraine nationals.

In addition to these measures, Wiltshire Council is launching a Refer a Host scheme, aimed to help Ukraine families remain in communities where they have already established a sense of belonging and identity. By rematching them with a new host after their initial placement has ended, they can continue their settlement in the UK with minimal disruption.

To participate in the Refer a Host scheme, it is important to ensure that the potential host is willing to provide accommodation for at least a six-month period. This can be for an ongoing placement or as emergency short-term placements during the six-month period. It is important to have a clear understanding and agreement between both parties to ensure a successful placement.  All hosts will have to be screened for suitability and safeguarding checks as per government guidance. Referral eligibility criteria also require that referred hosts do not currently host Ukraine guests, are Wiltshire residents, and understand that they will host a Ukraine household that already resides in Wiltshire.

Referrers of successful nominations can expect a payment of £200, which is made directly to them, and the host receives ongoing financial assistance through thank you payments for the length of the host placement. It is important to note that payment is only made when a host is approved, and the guest has fully moved into the accommodation. Additionally, referrers must not nominate themselves, be over 18 and have a UK bank account that differs from the potential host's bank account.

Refer a Host (opens new window)

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