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Housing Newsletter - December 2022

Better Neighbourhoods

The sewage plant that's piloting a new treatment for phosphate removal

The sewage treatment plant at Avon Meadows in Middle Woodford which is run and maintained by Wiltshire Council Housing to serve our housing stock and other properties in the area has been replaced with a brand-new system. This provides the latest in sewage treatment technology including remote monitoring.

The treatment plant is manufactured by Klargester, part of the Kingspan group.  It can treat up to 10 cubic meters of sewage a day, which is roughly equivalent to 50 persons daily usage. In addition to the standard treatment plant, a new technology is being piloted here that will reduce the number of phosphates in the final effluent discharged, meaning an even greater environmental saving. To top it off, following the installation, the whole area has been seeded with a meadow mix to provide a mixture of grass and wildflowers, which will look great and be of real benefit for local insects and wildlife.

These are just some of the ways that Wiltshire Council Housing is working behind the scenes to improve our environmental footprint and ensure better services for our residents.

New bin storage improves looks and the environment

As part of the Friary Improvement Project, two new bin stores have been installed as a pilot project to improve the look of the estate where currently, the large waste bins are on the streets next to the blocks of flats.

These new storage units keep the bins tidy, prevent large items being dumped in them and help to prevent rubbish overflowing or falling out, all of which will help improve the area around the flats.

The bin stores also have "sedum" roof tops which will help to capture and remove carbon from the air, making yet another contribution towards our carbon neutral targets.

If successful we hope to roll these out to other areas of our housing stock.

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