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Climate Strategy Delivery Plan for Wiltshire - September 2022

Introduction to the Climate Strategy Delivery Plan

This delivery plan sets out how Wiltshire Council will deliver the objectives of its Climate Strategy (PDF) [7MB] (opens new window) , adopted in February 2022. The Climate Strategy cannot be implemented by Wiltshire Council alone, so the actions are ones which Wiltshire Council can take, either alone, or in partnership with others. Separately, the Carbon Neutral Council Plan 2022-2024, focuses on actions that the council will take to reduce its own emissions, and has been published at the same time as this outward-facing delivery plan.

Work was carried out by the council and consultants Anthesis to understand the specific measures required for the county to achieve carbon neutrality. The resulting report, published in May 2022, has informed this plan.

The delivery plan is initially for the period 2022-2024. The Climate Strategy set out 'areas of focus' where it was clear that work needed to be done. Some of these were marked with an exclamation mark to indicate that work needed to start immediately. The actions have been prioritised according to their impact on carbon emissions, but also their ability to kick start the necessary change or generate the understanding that we will need to help us move to a carbon neutral Wiltshire. This takes account of the 'greenhouse gas hierarchy' (see Figure 4.2 in our Climate Strategy Discussion Document (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window) ).

Prioritisation also takes into account co-benefits, feasibility and cost. This helps to make sure the actions align with the Principles set out on page 8 of our Climate Strategy (PDF) [7MB] (opens new window) .

The Climate Strategy has seven Delivery Themes. This document sets out the actions that will take place in relation to six outward-facing Climate Strategy delivery themes during the period 2022-2024.

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