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Cross-cutting actions

Going forward the following cross-cutting actions are planned between now and 2024:

  Climate Team, and others as relevant X3. Seek and allocate funding for implementation of Climate Strategy Delivery Plan

Wiltshire Council will:
ActionMilestoneCo-benefitsResponsible Service
X1. Explore effective ways of engaging with partners and stakeholders, and look for ways to encourage and support delivery of the Climate Strategy through local initiatives
X1.1 Set up Climate and Environment ForumInception meeting July 2022; 2-4 meetings per year thereafterAwareness; Shaping council climate policy and commsEnvironment Directorate with Communications
X1.2. Support town and parish councils in their efforts to address climate change, e.g. dedicated webinars for town/parish councils, building on the workshop held in 2021 with Centre for Sustainable Energy to develop climate action plansEvent for town and parish councils Autumn 2022AllClimate Team; Partnership and Engagement Team; Communications; Environment Directorate.
X1.3. Support Area Board Environment Leads, town and parish councils and community groups to identify and initiate local action that helps to create a significant impact on key priority areas of the climate strategy. e.g.Event for Area Board Environment Leads, and town and parish councils Autumn 2022 (first in a series of webinars)AllClimate Team; Partnership and Engagement Team; Communications; Environment Directorate.
X1.4. Continue to develop the council's communications and engagement with residents and organisationsSocial media campaign continues throughout 2022


Library climate displays and book selections - Autumn 2022

AllCommunications; Environment directorate
X1.5. Continue to convene and contribute to working groups as a springboard for collaboration, showcasing, providing leadership and a catalyst for action on climate change e.g.:Regular meetings with named working groups.Awareness; Collaboration; LeadershipClimate Team
X1.6. Participate in regional and national networks to share learning on Wiltshire Council climate programmes, and learn from other local authorities. Explore collaboration on projects where possible, for example on retrofit, fleet transition, green finance and renewable energy investment mechanisms


South West local authority climate officers monthly meetings

South West Net Zero Hub ( (opens new window) support and regular meetings

X2. Lobbying and influencing national government and national bodies
X2.1. Lobby central government and national bodies (such as Ofgem) through national networks such as UK100, ADEPT and APSE. Key priorities:
  • National government / Ofgem to address grid constraints
  • Development of waste management policy (R7.1)
Regular lobbying activity & consultation responsesAwareness; LeadershipEnvironment directorate; Wiltshire Council senior leadership and councillors
X2.2.  Respond to government consultations where relevant and input to government funding programmes to make sure they are appropriate for Wiltshire residents and business, and that they are available at the scale required to meet our targetsOngoingLeadership; InfluencingCross-cutting
X3.1. Develop project ideas to outline business case in order to have 'off the shelf' projects ready to apply for funding as soon as the opportunity arises.OngoingAllAll service areas
X3.2. Identify key areas of the Climate Strategy Delivery Plans that could be supported through the council's own budget and capital funds2023-24 budget supports delivery of climate strategyAllFinance, Service areas
X3.3. Explore new ways of raising finance, such as green community bonds or an Environment Fund.Council has assessed different ways of raising finance and identified a way forward by Dec 2023AllFinance, Climate Team
X4. Offsetting our unavoidable carbon emissions and working towards net zero
X4.1. Develop a strategy for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be avoided or reduced. (See Carbon Neutral Council Plan actions C6.5)Produce strategy by end of 2023Leadership; Biodiversity, Health and WellbeingClimate Team; Estate and Development
X4.2. Continue to seek to make the county of Wiltshire carbon neutral by 2030 while acknowledging the findings of the Wiltshire Pathways report and the government's target to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 (on a 1990 baseline). We will work with the evolving evidence base to inform our ongoing delivery.Local Plan and Local Transport Plan consider the available evidence in their development.AllClimate Team; Spatial Planning; Sustainable Transport.
X5. Continue to implement, review and update the Wiltshire Council Climate Change Adaption Plan
X5.1. Review progress against the Wiltshire Council Climate Adaptation Plan [See X5.1]Review progress by Summer 2023Nature recovery; biodiversity; health; awareness & engagement; Resilience & adaptationClimate Team
X5.2. Produce a revised Climate Adaptation Plan, which includes an opportunity to reflect on the latest research in terms of likely global warming scenarios. (see also action C8, and NE6.1)Revise & update the plan by Dec 2023Nature recovery; biodiversity; health; awareness & engagement; Resilience & adaptationClimate Team
X6. Governance & Monitoring
X6.1. Report every six months as part of the 6-monthly updates to Cabinet and Council. Use this as an opportunity review and refresh actions and targets.


Delivery Plan progress reported twice a year.  Delivery plans refreshed annually.AllClimate Team, using information from all service areas
X6.2. Councillors to provide challenge through Overview and Scrutiny structuresDelivery Plans presented to the Climate Emergency Task Group, August 2022AllDemocratic services - Overview and Scrutiny

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