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Placement Sufficiency and Market Development Strategy

Executive summary

In Wiltshire, we want our children and young people to live safely with their family networks and get a great education close to home. Where this is not possible, we may find an alternative place for the child or young person to live, either with a foster carer, residential children's home, or with an Independent Special School. Where a young person is over 16, and almost ready to live independently (with limited support), we may find a Supported Accommodation, or Supported Lodgings placement for them instead.

Sufficiency means having enough local placement choices to meet the needs of our children and young people, as close as possible to their home communities. It also means ensuring those placements are safe, that they facilitate access to high-quality education and provide effective, responsive, and child-centred support to prepare young people to thrive as adults.

This updated strategy builds on the previous Placement Sufficiency Strategy 2017-2022, where successes included:

  • creating in house, structured, emergency placement services
  • put in place an Independent Non-Maintained Special School Framework
  • created a supported lodgings pilot with an independent provider
  • secured sign-off for a residential block contract
  • relaunched Family finder events

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