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Wiltshire's Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy


The Health and Social Care Act 2012 introduced Health and Wellbeing Boards which became operational on 1 April 2013 in all 152 local authorities with social care and public health responsibilities.

The boards:

  • provide a strong focus on establishing a sense of place
  • instil a mechanism for joint working and improving the wellbeing of their local population
  • set strategic direction to improve health and wellbeing

The Health and Care Act was updated in 2022, but the updated act did not change the statutory duties of the Health and Wellbeing Boards. It did however establish NHS Integrated Care Boards and require the creation of Integrated Care Partnerships in each area. Our local Integrated Care Board ( (opens new window) covers Bath and NE Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire and the Integrated Care Partnership ( (opens new window) mirrors this.  

Further guidance on the work of Health and Wellbeing boards can be found on Committee details - Health and Wellbeing Board ( (opens new window).

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