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Arts service

The arts cover a wide range of creative opportunities including visual arts and crafts, media arts, performing arts and literature.

We aim to help and encourage everybody in the community to have equal access to a range of high quality arts opportunities, either as participants or audiences.

We work in partnership with other organisations to make sure the arts opportunities on offer reflect the needs of the local community.

The arts service hosts its own blog The Arts in Wiltshire (opens new window). The blog is used to help identify and share opportunities and ideas that come to the arts service from the arts sector, and help those with a great project to reach out across the county to connect with other artists and communities. As well as being a creative space, the blog is a place for those working in arts and culture to keep up to date with jobs, opportunities, funding, resources and training.

If you would like to contribute please visit The Arts in Wiltshire blog (opens new window) or contact (opens new window).

Join our mailing list (opens new window) to receive our Arts in Wiltshire newsletter to keep in touch with opportunities in arts and culture in Wiltshire.

Information, advice and signposting

The Arts Lead is based at the Trowbridge Wiltshire Council  office but also works from the  Young Gallery in Salisbury.

You can keep up-to-date with the service and opportunities in the sector on The Arts in Wiltshire blog (opens new window).

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