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Public art and design

Our art and design in the public realm programme aims to create attractive public spaces and places in Wiltshire.

Often known as public art, it promotes an integrated, collaborative and strategic approach towards art and design in public places.

The programme encourages artists, design, planning and construction professionals to come together at an early stage in development projects to influence and create a shared vision for architecture, public space, planning and high quality design. It also promotes consultation with communities to create a sense of place for both local people and visitors to Wiltshire.

Public art provides new arts works made by an artist, arts practitioner or craftsperson and located in publicly accessible spaces and places. It could be sculpture, photographs, street furniture, painting, projection, text, lighting, or the internal fabric of a building, its furniture or flooring.

Role of the arts service

We want to encourage developers to look at an integrated approach to art and design at the earliest stage of planning. Please see our Arts and Design in the Public Realm in Wiltshire -2024 Guidance (adopted) (PDF) [2MB] (opens new window)  document that was adopted by Cabinet on 22 May 2024.

The Guidance outlines the process by which Wiltshire Council  will seek public art contributions on developments of 50 + dwellings.  It also details how Arts Service team will work with developers to create public art schemes that enhance, inspire and connect communities to their local area.  In order to achieve overall design quality in architectural and landscape terms, developers speak with the Arts Service at the earliest opportunity in the design process from the earliest stage, rather than being commissioned to make something for a site after it has been completed.

Becoming commission ready

We ran a training session for arts practitioners and organisations which focused on what artists need to be aware of in order to become commission ready. 

We held a symposium on public art and design. The summary of key issues can be found in the download section.

The notes, presentations and glossary resource pack from the training session can be found in the download section.

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