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Council tax

Register to manage and access your council tax account online

You can now register to access your council tax account online. You will be able to check and make payments, view your bills, set up and amend a direct debit and notify us of changes. To register your account, select revenues online below, you will need your council tax reference which can be found on your bill or bank statement if you pay by direct debit.

Revenues online

Online payments portal enables you to pay your council tax online without registering to use this service

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Help paying your council tax bill

Pay your council tax online

How much is my council tax?

The amount of council tax you pay depends on which council tax band your property is in. This is based on how much the property was worth on 1 April 1991. New homes built since 1991 are still valued on the basis of what they would have been worth in 1991. Your council tax bill states which band you are in.

How to pay your council tax

Council tax bills are sent out at the end of March each year showing the current year's charges and instalments. Your payment must reach your local Wiltshire Council office by the dates shown on your bill. Council tax can be paid over 12 months, rather than the previous 10 months. You can change to 12 monthly instalments using our revenues online facility.

Pay your council tax online

Changes in circumstances

You must notify us if your circumstances change.

How to appeal your council tax bill

If you think your council tax bill is wrong you can appeal. Make sure you keep paying the bill while any appeal is in progress.