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Household Support Grant Winter 2021/22


We are using a Government grant to help ensure as people as possible in the county have all the essentials they need this winter.

The Department for Work and Pension Household Support Fund was made available in early November 2021 to support those most in need across England with the cost of food, energy (heating, cooking, lighting), water bills and other essential costs.

We have liaised with partner agencies to agree how the money should be allocated.

The aim of the fund is to give households peace of mind in the run up to Christmas and over the winter months.

There is no need to apply for any funding from the Wiltshire Council elements of the Household Support Grant Scheme. If you are eligible you will be identified and contacted individually.

The money will be used for the below initiatives delivered by the council;

We have also provided funding for the below initiatives. Please contact the relevant partner organisations for any more information you may need.