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2017 Re-valuation rate relief

Additional Rate Relief Schemes were announced in the Spring Budget to assist businesses which, following the Business Rates revaluation and changes to other reliefs, face the largest increases in the amount of rates payable.
In summary the measures announced are as follows:

We will focus support on trading local businesses. This would maximise the number of local businesses that would qualify, while minimising or avoiding State Aid issues and not providing additional relief to occupiers who already benefit from mandatory reliefs as a matter of law or Government-funded relief schemes.

We have now sent out application forms to include a State Aid Declaration to all businesses that we have identified meet the initial criteria. If you believe you qualify for this relief , and have not received an application, please contact businessrates@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Successful applicants will receive an amended Demand Notice. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing.

Cabinet paper

Cabinet 12 September 2017 Agenda item 10. Business rates discretionary relief scheme