Children's centres in Wiltshire

Children's centres and their services in the community are places where parents with children aged 0-5 years can share the challenges and joys of parenthood.  They offer a range of activities and support services to help you with all aspects of parenting to make sure your child gets the best start in life.

Children's centre services in Wiltshire are run on behalf of Wiltshire Council by two voluntary organisations: Spurgeons and The Rise Trust. These two charities receive funding from Wiltshire Council to help all children in the early years develop and flourish.

Find your nearest children's centre

If you are in any doubt about where services are accessible - for example if there is not a permanent building near you - or if you have any questions regarding services on offer, you can contact one of the numbers below for swift and friendly information.  Advice is also available on employment issues, benefit entitlements and how to access early years childcare funding.   Don't worry if you aren't sure which area on the county you are in - all the centre staff on hand will be able to help you - wherever you are.