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Top Tips for starting childcare/school

Communicate! Talk with your child about starting childcare or school.  What do they think it will be like?  What are they most looking forward to?  Is there anything they are unsure or worried about?  Find some regular quiet time and keep listening to your child's feelings about childcare/school.

Some top tips to help you and your child start childcare or school

Playing and exploring

Be excited, enthusiastic, curious and confident about discovering new things.  Take time to have fun and play regularly with your child.

Reading and singing

Children love it when you share stories together, it will make it more exciting for your child if you have fun using your voice.  You could read labels in shops, stories in bed, signs in the street, ask your library about rhyme time.  Remember songs and rhymes help to develop your child's language, sing and listen to nursery rhymes and songs together. 

Being active

Explore the outdoors with your child - let them look for mini bugs, jump in the puddles and get messy.  

Self help skills

Encourage your child to be independent.  This includes dressing, eating, laying the table, blowing their nose, going to the toilet and helping themselves to water.

Eating well

Children need healthy eating habits to thrive.  Encourage your child to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  A healthy breakfast will set your child up for the day.

Managing feelings

It is natural for your child to experience a variety of emotions.  Reassure and support them by listening, cuddling, responding and staying calm.  

Making friends

Encourage your child to share and play with other children regularly.

Self confidence

Let your child know they are special, make them feel valued and respected.  Look and listen to them when they talk to you.  Encourage and support your child's efforts.

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