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CiCC your rights

All children have rights. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (opens new window) is a document that sets out the rights that children (those under 18) have. The Convention has 54 parts and include things like:

  • being treated equally (it doesn't matter about race, colour, sex, language, religion, politics)
  • being at the heart of decisions (decisions that are taken must be because they are best for you and not adults)
  • having your opinions heard (you must have the chance to have your opinion heard. Because you live in care you have the right to an advocate to help you if you feel you need help to say what you would like)

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What R U talkin' about!

When you come into care, from time to time you will hear your social worker talk about section 20, section 31, Children Act 1989, Full Care Order, legal proceedings, Police Protection, Emergency Protection Order. You might read these things in reports or letters.

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