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Involving children and young people in their care

The Children Act says that children and young people must be treated with respect and this means (amongst other things) that they must be listened to. Children's services must tell the child or young person what is happening and why. In Wiltshire, children and young people working with children's services are invited and encouraged to be involved in the plans that are made for them, to give feedback on the support they get, and to have a voice in services that work for them.
They can do this in several ways.

Are you being treated fairly? Are you being heard? Do you know how to complain?

Wiltshire Council has made a set of commitments to children and young people living in care. These are the things that young people have told us are important to them and which we aspire to provide.

Our Corporate Parenting Panel, which monitors and oversees the welfare and wellbeing of children and young people who live in care, signed a revised copy of the Promise in November 2023.

You can learn more about the 'The promise'.

I found that having an advocate gave me the confidence to speak out and say what I think

- Advocacy

It's about making a change and hearing from the children and young people who are in Wiltshire's care

- Children in Care Council (CiCC)

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