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Out of hours safeguarding

Out of Hours Safeguarding - concerned about a child or young person

The Out of Hours Service provides an emergency social work service outside of normal office hours; nights, weekends and bank holidays. 

The service responds to the following situations:

•    Emergencies where immediate social care intervention is required to safeguard a Child or Young Person.
•    Significant welfare concerns that cannot safely wait until the next working day.
•    Provides support, information and advice over the phone to keep the situation safe until the next working day.

How to Contact the Out of Hours Service:

Call us when your local daytime service office is closed on 0300 456 0100.

Monday to Thursday - 5.00pm - midnight
Friday 4.00pm - midnight 
Weekends / Bank Holidays 9.00am - midnight 

Phones are diverted to the Social Work Standby Service from Midnight - 9am (7 days a week). 

The Standby Service should only be used where a child or young person is identified as being at immediate risk of harm and where concerns cannot safely wait until the day service is available.

If you are unable to contact the Out of Hours Services on the above number, please only call the below mobile in an emergency:

  • 07796 994101