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Children and young people's voice

Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) 2020 Elections

UK Youth Parliament elections 2020

3 February to 14 February inclusive

Youth Parliament provides opportunities for those aged 11 to 18 years to use their elected voice to bring about social change through meaningful representation and campaigning. In Wiltshire this year 5 candidates are standing this for election in the three constituency areas of North, West and East Wiltshire. Each candidate has prepared an election manifesto and video, to be found below.

Young people and students are encouraged to vote for candidates in their constituency area only, as below.

Wiltshire North Constituency schools

Wiltshire East Constituency schools

Wiltshire West Constituency schools

Bradon Forest
John Bentley
Royal Wootton Bassett
St Mary's
St Nicholas

Avon Valley 
Bishop Wordsworth
Exeter House
Marlborough College
Pewsey Vale
St Edmund's
St John's
St Joseph's
Salisbury Cathedral School
South Wilts Grammar
Sarum Academy
Wellington Academy Wiltshire
Wyvern College

John of Gaunt
Melksham Oak
St Augustine's
St Laurence




Aanya Mary Verma

Heather Louise Newton
Sophie Marshall

Lewis Francis
Charlie Sweetman

Voting opens on 3 February 2019 and closes on 14 February 2019. To vote, young people should text the first name only of the candidate they are voting for. The text contact number for voting is 07537410120 . Any texts sent outside of the election period will not be counted. Texts are charged at standard UK mobile rate. Duplicate votes will not be counted.

NB. If there is only one candidate standing for an area. The votes casted will show support given for the issues that will be campaigned for within that area and the wider Wiltshire youth community.

It is possible that local candidates may approach you for help perhaps to allocate a slot for them to speak to other students, groups etc. and to promote the campaign more generally. Even if you do not have any young people standing this time around, any support for the election process you are able to give will make a significant contribution to promoting the voice of young people in decision making in Wiltshire. 

Election rules

  • Those eligible to vote are aged between 11 and 18 years.
  • Those eligible to vote must live, or go to boarding school, in Wiltshire.
  • Those who vote may only do so once.
  • Voting is not for adults, or those living outside of the election area.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact sarah.banks@wiltshire.gov.uk or call 07342 064355.

Very many thanks for your support. We will make the results known as soon after the 27 February as possible.

Wiltshire North

Wiltshire West

Wiltshire East

Children and young people's voice and influence in Wiltshire

Find out more about the current Members of Youth Parliament

Wiltshire's Youth Parliament seats

Wiltshire Council is a member of the British Youth Council (BYC) which organises and runs the UK Youth Parliament. Wiltshire has three seats on Youth Parliament and holds annual elections for young people aged 11 to 18 years.

The current Members of Youth Parliament (MYPs) for Wiltshire are:

  • Heather Louise NewtonWiltshire East
  • Aanya Mary Verma Wiltshire West
  • Declan Kiely Wiltshire North

MYPs are expected to participate and have a leadership role within Wiltshire Youth Union.

Wiltshire has three seats on the Youth Parliament, as defined in the attached information.

Youth Parliament offers unique opportunities for those who have an interest in decision-making and in representing the views of peers. These will be young people who want to make positive change and who can, with support, hold their own in some challenging situations.

Members of Youth Parliament are expected to take a leadership role in the Wiltshire Youth Union (WYU). Any young person in Wiltshire can be a member of WYU and we encourage youth participation in the forum and welcome all newcomers who wish to get involved.

Contact details

Email: sarah.banks@wiltshire.gov.uk
Phone: 07342 064 355