Youth offending

Wiltshire's Youth Offending Team (YOT) works with children and young people who are involved in offending behaviour. We do this by working with the young person, their parents or carers, the victims of crime, volunteers and the local community. The YOT is made up of staff from a range of organisations including the police, probation service, education and children's social care, all working together to tackle youth crime in Wiltshire.

The three main areas of YOT work are:

  • Prevention: Some young people may be at risk of getting into trouble but have not yet committed an offence. The team supervises and supports these young people to prevent them entering the criminal justice system.
  • Offenders: We work with young people who have committed offences, to change their behaviour and stop re-offending.
  • Work with victims of crime: Through the process of restorative justice, we work with victims of crime to make sure they are given a voice within the criminal justice system.

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