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Requests for Drainage Search Information

Applicants are requested to complete the form along with a clear plan showing the area to be searched and emailed to drainage@wiltshire.gov.uk. Requests will be only be actioned on receipt of the appropriate fee. A charge of £50 is made for any requests for searches regardless of whether drainage information is found for the site. All required responses will be returned to you electronically unless otherwise requested. The output report is purely an extract of data files for interpretation purposes by the company/person who requested it. It should not be interpreted in any way as implying that a full or part Local Authority Search has been carried out. Payment can be made electronically by contacting the drainage team on 0300 456 0105. If a written response is required an additional charge of £5.00 will be made.

Icon for word Drainage Search Application [72KB]

Icon for pdf Developers Guidance Notes - Surface water soakaways [511.67KB]

Icon for pdf Wiltshire Council - Adoptable Highway Drainage Guidance [349.89KB]