Insuring your property from flooding

Flood Re

The government has introduced a scheme to assist homeowners that have been flooded or are at risk of flooding to find affordable home insurance.

Flood Re makes no difference to how you purchase your home insurance, whether that's through a price comparison site, directly from an insurer or through a broker. Once you have purchased your policy, you will always deal with your own insurer, even if you need to make a claim. You do not need to contact Flood Re directly.

The introduction of Flood Re means you will have peace of mind that, even after a flood claim, you should still be able to find insurance with affordable premiums and excesses.


  • If your property was built after 1 January 2009 
  • Commercial properties are not included in this scheme

Find out more about Flood Re.

The National Flood Forum also has information about the scheme and may be able to assist with questions about insurance for flooded properties, for more information call 01299 403055.