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Operational flood working groups

Wiltshire council has set up two Operational Flood Working Groups, one in the north and the other in the south of county.

The groups operate under strict terms of reference and are chaired by Councillor Jonathon Seed who is the portfolio holder for flooding.

The groups mirror the river catchment areas operated by the Environment Agency and are a forum for stakeholders with interests in:

  • Highways surface water
  • Surface water run off
  • Drainage and flooding to consider the issues relating to flooding and drainage within their respective catchment areas

Stakeholders include:

  • Wessex Water
  • Thames Water
  • Highways Agency
  • Network Rail
  • Environment Agency

These issues cover such items as:

  • Identifying lead authorities for each issue to enable better more focused, efficient and coordinated response, enabling resources and funding to be targeted effectively
  • To make recommendations for bids to fund major projects
  • To consider proposals for prioritising funding and programming of schemes
  • To implement government legislation on drainage and flood management
  • To comply with legal requirements to map our surface water and establish collaborative information with our partners
  • To respond to community area boards in respect of flooding and drainage issues
  • To communicate with members of the public regarding the work we are doing via the Wiltshire Magazine and parish newsletter

Initial requests for assistance from the public will be assessed by staff from the divisional highways offices. If they cannot be dealt with locally they will be referred to the drainage engineers. The weather and drainage manager will prioritise schemes in accordance with the following criteria,

Flooding affectingObjectiveResponse
PeopleProtect life Evacuation
HousesProtect life and dwellingsFlood alleviation equipment
Commercial propertyProject propertyProtect critical utilities infrastructure
RoadsProtect life, dwellings and essential access to main roadsRoad closures, diversions and flood alleviation equipment
Gardens/Agricultural LandNoneNo action taken

Downloads - Meeting notes

Icon for pdf Salisbury Flood Group August 2017 [89.52KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group 15 August 2018 [102.11KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group 12 September 2018 [165.24KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group 17 October 2018 [214.24KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group 21 November 2018 [103.81KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group December 12 2018 [106.53KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood group January 7 2019 [124.75KB] 

Icon for pdf South Flood Group February 13 2019 [101.3KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group March 13 2019 [132.33KB]

Icon for pdf South Flood Group April 17 2019 [161.86KB]

Icon for pdf North Flood Group May 15 2019 [128.66KB]

Downloads - Town and Parish ditch project 

Environment Agency guidance - owning a watercourse

Icon for pdf Watercourse ditch flood risk [36.47KB]

Icon for pdf First parish letter [27.92KB]

Icon for pdf Second parish letter [29.07KB]