What you can do as an organisation

Solar Together - collective buying scheme for solar panels

From 9 May until the 14 June, if you own your own home and live in Wiltshire you can register to join Solar Together Wiltshire, a group-buying scheme which offers Solar Together with optional battery storage and EV charge points. Small and medium-sized enterprises (non-domestic) and community buildings meeting this requirement can participate as well.

It is free to register and receive a free, no obligation initial recommendation. Once you are registered, the scheme will take you through the process, starting with your personalised recommendation, followed by a full survey and installation if you decide to go ahead. 

Wiltshire Council is working in partnership with Swindon Borough Council and independent experts iChoosr, to deliver the scheme and make the transition to clean energy as cost effective and hassle-free as possible.

For more information people can visit www.solartogether.co.uk/wiltshire, email wiltshire@solartogether.co.ukor call 0800 048 8113.

Calculate your organisation's carbon footprint

Knowing your carbon footprint today gives you a baseline for measuring the improvements you make. In the future more companies may add environmental measures to their tendering process and might require the information from you.

A free business energy survey with detailed recommendations is available to any small and medium sized enterprise in Wiltshire through the Target 2030 programme. Access to 30% grant funding is also available. https://target2030.co.uk/.

Spread the word

To ensure greenhouse emissions decrease fast enough we are going to need engage within society. Talking about it encourages others to think about it and spreads the message further.