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Climate Engagement and Partnerships

Partnership working and shared learning

The council's ambition for Wiltshire as a county - beyond just the council's footprint - is to seek to achieve carbon neutrality and contribute to global efforts to keep temperature increase to safe levels.

The council only has direct control over 0.5% of carbon emissions in Wiltshire but can use its democratic mandate and other levers of influence to have an impact on wider emissions, including influencing strategic partners on infrastructure projects.

Wiltshire Council routinely works with partners, and will continue to meet with, and contribute to, working groups as a springboard for collaboration, showcasing, providing leadership, and to be a catalyst for action on climate change.

The council also responds to government consultations, where relevant, and inputs to government funding programmes to make sure they are appropriate for Wiltshire residents and business, and that they are available at the scale required to meet our targets. We join other local authorities and representative organisations such as ADEPT to lobby the government.

Supporting and influencing

The council is playing its role in supporting and influencing formal and informal groups and organisations to help them prioritise and steer climate actions according to climate impacts.

The council believes in stimulating action from all fronts through continuous engagement and setting leadership example for practical local action. Influencing is a two-way process and the council is open to ideas and collaboration from groups and organisations within the community of Wiltshire.

Awareness Raising and Information

The council aims to ensure that everyone who lives, works, studies or visits Wiltshire is aware of and understands our journey to carbon neutrality, and is equipped with the knowledge, tools and support required to be involved in taking ownership, and corporate or individual action, to help us get there.

We will aim to speak and listen to everyone, making sure we try to reach those who are most often not heard strongly in consultations, or those most affected by possible changes, those who have protected characteristics and those who are underrepresented. Residents of Wiltshire - divided into individuals and communities, and targeted by vulnerabilities with respect to their age, special needs and locality. 

The council believes in two-way communication to improve the efficiency of climate action outreach. This encompasses communicating the council's plans and actions people can take, as well as listening to their ideas, and understanding what people might find hard to engage with or implement.

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