Cemeteries and burial services

Wiltshire Council aim to offer a sympathetic service to the bereaved and deal with enquiries from members of the public, funeral directors and monumental masons. It currently manages and maintains seven cemeteries mainly in the west of the county.

Applications for the purchase of plots, interments, and applications for memorials are administered by the Burial & Cemetery Team. Maintenance is carried out by a grounds contractor.

Wiltshire Council carries out regular site maintenance visits, including individual memorial checks. Further to this, each Cemetery will also have a programmed Memorial Safety inspection at least once every 5 years.

Please select from the list to show the service provided, types of burial plot offered for each cemetery and information to be aware of when using or visiting.

Wiltshire Council Cemeteries

Memorial and Interment Fees

For the seven cemeteries managed by us, Wiltshire council receives applications from funeral directors and stonemasons regarding the interment or memorial requirements of families.

Published below are the fees for these activities. The revised charges are effective from 1 April each year.

Memorial Permit Fees for financial year 2020/21

Memorial permit fees (PDF) [255KB] (opens new window)

Interment Fees for financial year 2020/21

Interment fees (PDF) [154KB] (opens new window)

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Online enquiry form

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Cemeteries and crematoriums in other parts of Wiltshire

For cemeteries and crematoriums not managed by Wiltshire Council, please contact the organisations below: