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Digital inclusion

Currently not all parts of Wiltshire have the same access to broadband. This is due to the fact that Wiltshire is a large rural county and it is uneconomic in some areas to supply broadband and the next generation superfast broadband to homes and businesses.

Around 5% of all households currently receive a poor service with very slow broadband speeds.

This means if nothing is done a significant number of residents and businesses will find it increasingly difficult to take advantage of the internet and the wide range of on-line services available.

Wiltshire council has recognised the importance of broadband access and has decided to invest £16m in improving access to digital services in areas which would otherwise miss out. 

This investment along with government grant and additional investment from the telecoms industry will generate over £30m of funds. It is intended this will go a long way towards eliminating the so called 'digital divide' across communities.