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Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership (WCSP)

Increasing community resilience, reducing vulnerability, preventing exploitation

The Crime and Disorder Act (1998) created Community Safety Partnerships (CSP's) in each local authority area. Their task is to work together to reduce crime and disorder, substance misuse and reoffending in the local community. These partnerships are made up of representatives from responsible authorities such as police, local authorities, fire and rescue authorities, health and the probation service. 

The Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) is responsible for compliance with the statutory duties and responsibilities set out in this Act as well as those set out in the Police and Justice Act 2006, and in subsequent Home Office regulations and Acts.

This means delivering outcomes which relate to the prevention and reduction of crime and reoffending, fear of crime, anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, and harm caused by drug and alcohol misuse. 

The Chair of the WCSP is Tracy Daszkiewicz, Director of Public Health, Wiltshire Council. 

WCSP's statutory responsibilities include:

  • Providing a framework for sharing information
  • Strategic assessments of need
  • Reducing re-offending
  • Commissioning domestic homicide reviews 

The Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership Plan 2019-2022 has been agreed by members to ensure the partnership works together to make local communities safer and more resilient, helping people in Wiltshire live well for longer. This plan is reviewed regularly to help shape the work of the partnership. It sets out four key priorities:

  • Protect people from serious harm
  • Enable safer communities
  • Prevent and disrupt serious and organised crime
  • Improve community resilience

The WCSP is also the mechanism for dispensing the statutory responsibilities of the Director of Public Health to:

  • Exercise their local authority's functions in planning for, and responding to, emergencies that present a risk to public health
  • Exercise their local authority's role in co-operating with the police, the probation service and the prison service to assess the risks posed by violent or sexual offenders.

 Domestic Homicide Reviews

Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs) were established on a statutory basis under section 9 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act (2004) in April 2011.

 Domestic homicide reviews: Wiltshire Safeguarding Adults Board (WSAB) 

for Adult Y in April 2014

for Adult C in October 2014

Mrs A and Mr B in January 2014

for Adult M in March 2015

for Adult A in August 2015

for Adult B in June 2017

for Adult P in October 2017

Strategic documents

2017 - 2020 Domestic abuse and sexual violence strategy

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For further information about the Wiltshire Community Safety Partnership or the publications mentioned on this page, please phone 0300 003 4566.