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About the council

Each day, we make thousands of decisions and try hard to give the best possible service but we accept that sometimes things can go wrong.

Your comments - good or bad, help us improve and plan for the future.

Sometimes you can fix your issue without needing to make a formal complaint. You may find using these routes will provide a quicker response:

You can also report an issue in your community to your Area boards.

If you wish to make a comment or observation, rather than a complaint, you can contact the council and your comments will be forwarded to the relevant service.

What you can complain about

Your behaviour while making a complaint

We understand that making a complaint can be a result of a stressful and distressing event or situation and we will do everything we can to support you through the complaint. But we will not tolerate unreasonable, aggressive or abusive behaviour. If an individual displays an unreasonable persistence in making a complaint or repeating issues when a response has been provided we will consider taking further action by applying the vexatious procedure.

Find out more about how you are expected to behave.

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