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Area boards

What is an area board?

The area boards are a way of working to bring local decision making into the heart of the community.  Area boards are not like old fashioned council meetings and there are lots of opportunities for local people to get involved.  Meetings take place in each community area and between these meetings different task groups consisting of local people, Wiltshire Council staff and councillors tackle local issues and find solutions to take forward at the next area board. 

Area boards exist to work alongside other organisations to make things happen in the community.  These groups can include town and parish councils, voluntary and community groups, youth organisations, sports clubs and local charities.  Area boards support these groups' work and influence this to meet local priorities.  Area boards wouldn't be able to achieve what they do without these partners working on the ground with them.

Area boards host events within the community approximately every three years where it listens to the views of a wide range of local residents.  This process culminates in a large public meeting which selects the priorities for the area board and community area, based on evidence provided by teams right across Wiltshire Council.  The area board adopts these and works hard with partners to develop projects that will address these priorities.

An important role of the area boards is to provide grants to community groups via three separate funding schemes.  Youth funding is allocated in partnership with local youth networks and helps to provide positive activities for young people in the target age range of 13-19, or up to 25 with SEND.  Health and Wellbeing groups in each area help to award funding for services that support older or vulnerable people from our communities.  Finally, area boards hold capital funding that can support all types of local group to help purchase equipment, assets, refurbish existing buildings or build new ones.

A Community Engagement Manager (CEM) is available in every community area and they work closely with members of the area board.  This includes facilitating the area board's meetings to make sure they are relevant to local priorities and to work with partners and members of the community between meetings to tackle these local priorities.  CEMs work closely with their communities and really get to know them.  They are experienced in developing projects, building relationships and putting together funding to get jobs done.

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Area board grants

If you are looking to fund a community project, you may be eligible for an area board grant. Those who can apply include community or voluntary groups, community enthusiasts and town or parish councils.

All grant applications should relate to and reference the local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) community priorities which can be found on the  Wiltshire Intelligence website. 

Area Board grants relating documents

Icon for pdf Grants criteria [510.5KB] 

Icon for pdf Guide to identify what is capital and revenue [266.45KB]

Community Area Transport Group (CATG)

See the Community area transport groups issue process below and use the forms to raise an issue:

Icon for pdf Community Area Transport Group issue process [166.89KB]

Icon for word Report a highways improvement issue (Word document) [38.97KB]

Icon for pdf Report a highways improvement issue (PDF) [123.56KB]

Icon for pdf Traffic Survey Request Process & Information - To be read in conjunction with the 'Traffic Survey Request Form' [1.15MB]

Icon for pdf Traffic Survey Request Form (Dec 2020) [167.49KB]

Icon for word Traffic Survey Request Form (Dec 2020) [115.24KB]

Our Community Matters

The Our Community Matters site aims to strengthen local communities in Wiltshire by making it easier for local people and groups to talk to one another online.

Users can use these virtual noticeboards to find about local news, local debates, events and volunteering. Users are also welcome to register as a contributor to connect with their communities through posts and comments or advertise community events and volunteer opportunities.

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