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Freedom of Information disclosure log

This Disclosure Log has been published to provide access to our responses to requests made under the FoI legislation during the previous two years.

Should you wish to receive a copy of a response to a previous request please email quoting the reference number of the response you are interested in.

This list will be updated monthly allowing 20 working days to pass from receipt of the final request in the month in question.

Please note we retain details of requests for a period of two years from their closure date and are therefore unable to provide information about requests completed more than two years ago. For further information please refer to our Icon for excel Retention Schedule [170.02KB].

Disclosure Log Downloads

2020 Disclosure Log

Icon for pdf April 2020 disclosure log [1.24MB]

Icon for pdf March 2020 disclosure log [1.08MB]

Icon for pdf February 2020 disclosure log [2.22MB] 

Icon for pdf January 2020 disclosure log [2.29MB]

2019 Disclosure Log

Icon for pdf January 2019 [1.87MB] 

Icon for pdf February 2019 [2.23MB] 

Icon for pdf March 2019 [2.55MB] 

Icon for pdf April 2019 [1.61MB] 

Icon for pdf May 2019 [1.51MB] 

Icon for pdf June 2019 [1.54MB] 

Icon for pdf July 2019 [2.01MB] 

Icon for pdf August 2019 [1.48MB] 

Icon for pdf September 2019 [2.4MB] 

Icon for pdf October 2019 [3.22MB] 

Icon for pdf October 2019 [3.22MB] 

Icon for pdf December 2019 [2.42MB] 

2018 Disclosure Log  

Icon for pdf June 2018 [1.57MB] 

Icon for pdf July 2018 [1.86MB] 

Icon for pdf August 2018 [1.5MB] 

Icon for pdf September 2018 [1.39MB] 

Icon for pdf October 2018 [1.42MB] 

Icon for pdf November 2018 [1.54MB] 

Icon for pdf December 2018 [864.2KB] 


We regularly receive requests for information which we either do not hold or have made available elsewhere. Below is a list of such request and our response to them.