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Coronavirus - business closures

Guidance for Businesses and Customers

During the COVID 19 pandemic the Government has put in place The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 requiring certain businesses and other venues across the United Kingdom to close for trade from Saturday 21 March 2020. Further closures were put into effect from 23 March 2020. These measures have now been reviewed and on 23 June 2020 the Government announced further relaxations on these business closures, to come into effect from 4 July. This is a rapidly changing situation and the government will look for opportunities to further phase out the application of the regulations as the situation improves, but it has indicated that it may need to reinstate some lock down measures if needed. 

Current details of business closure restrictions can be found on GOV.UK: guidance - Closing certain businesses and venues in England

Further guidance and links to financial and business support information is available on Coronavirus - business support.

 Public Information

Wiltshire Council monitor compliance with these regulations,with police support provided if appropriate. Businesses that breach them may be subject to prohibition notices, and potentially unlimited fines. As a further measure, and if needed, businesses that fail to comply could also face the loss of their alcohol licence.

If you have information about a Wiltshire business which you believe is failing to comply with any mandatory closure requirement, please report it to the council with details of the business name and address and details of the activities giving rise to concern  by email to

We will treat all reports in confidence but we must request that you provide your name and contact details for us please. Our Council switchboard is understandably very busy so please can we also ask you to avoid telephoning this information through to us.