Smoke nuisance

Bonfires and smoke pollution

During the COVID -19 crisis we are asking residents to be sensitive to those living nearby and avoid having bonfires wherever possible. You can stockpile green waste, Reducing your waste and composting to rot down material for use as a soil improver, sign up for a garden Garden waste collections from Wiltshire Council or take it to the house hold recycling centre.

Never burn garden waste that is still green or recently cut, and never burn any other household waste.

Allotment committees and users, as well as householders have a particularly important role in ensuring responsible behaviour by their members.

Wiltshire Council receive more than 150 complaints a year about smoke from garden bonfires, domestic flues and chimneys and about smoke emanating from commercial premises.

Log Burners and Open Fireplaces

A home or business with a log burner or open fire can be a source of much enjoyment and a way of providing heating in rural areas. However the smoke from a chimney or flues can also be a nuisance for other properties if not installed and managed properly. 

Nuisance - How to take your own legal action

If the local authority is unable to substantiate a statutory nuisance you are able to take your own action against the person/organisation responsible

Information about out to do this can be found on the How to take your own legal action page.