How will it affect my family?

The decision to become a foster carer is one for your whole family. Fostering is a very significant change in anyone's life, even more so for your own children. They will play an important role in making the foster child or children feel at home. 
Birth children sometimes find it difficult to share their home and family with another child but may also benefit from living with children from different cultures and backgrounds. Most children go on to appreciate their secure and loving family unit much more than before. They will also learn and develop a higher level of patience, tolerance and understanding.
When you become a foster carer, your whole family has access to a range of support including a children's support group and fun activities to help them adapt.

Here's what some foster carers' children told us:

"I like it when we go to the park or on holiday and there are more people to play with."
I really like being part of a foster family because I get to meet new people and learn lots of new things. The boys that we foster are all different and I never know what they are going to be like, sometimes they are quiet and shy, sometimes they are fun and loud. I did worry that I would get less time to spend with my family once we started fostering but I was wrong, we still get lots of time together."

Stories and videos

Hear from real foster carers about their experiences and why they chose to foster.

You Tube: You are not on your own as a foster carer

When you foster with Wiltshire Council, you will not be left to fend on your own.  You will have an extensive support network and a dedicated fostering social worker.  If you need support outside of normal working hours, you will be able to access the Emergency Duty team.  Wiltshire Council is committed to upskilling its foster carers with relevant courses and training programme.

You Tube: What qualities do you need to be a foster carer

There is such a big need for more foster carers to look after children who desperately need someone to care for them and give them a safe, warm home. It is so satisfying knowing that you can make a difference by giving a child a chance.

You Tube: A Snapshot of Fostering Emergency Scheme

This short clip gives a brief snapshot of the Emergency fostering scheme.  For more information please speak to the fostering team on 0800 169 6321 or email

You Tube: Alison and Beccie

Alison and Beccie, two foster carers, share their experiences of fostering. "This is not like any other job. Reflection is a big part of this job. If you make those changes and embrace those changes... foster children totally enrich our lives."

You Tube: Caroline and Jo Graves

Caroline talks to her social worker, Jo, about how much she values the respite care offered by foster carers. It provides her with a break and her child with a fun visit to her foster carers for a short break.

You Tube: T and M

Birth children of Wiltshire foster carers discuss how they feel about sharing their homes with looked after children, and what it's like to live in a fostering household.

You Tube: Foster kids

Two young people discuss how fostering has had a positive impact on their lives.

You Tube: Paul and Anna

Paul, a foster carer, talks to Anna, social worker, about why he chose to foster and how his own family benefited from it.

You Tube: Allan and Wendy - Part One

Alan and Wendy Case fostered before having their own children, and then took up fostering again once their children were a little older.

You Tube: Allan and Wendy - Part Two

In the second part of our chat with Alan and Wendy, they talk about how working as a team has been a key part of fostering.

You Tube: Jane and Mark - Part One

Newly approved foster carers Jane and Mark talk about why they decided to foster. "I wanted to be able to help somebody who wasn't as fortunate as I am. We have a great home and we've raised some great kids and it would be really nice to have someone else in that environment and give them some good experiences."

You Tube: Jane and Mark - Part Two

In part two of our interview with newly approved foster carers Jane and Mark, they talk about their experience of the fostering assessment process.

You Tube: Paula and Sam

Paula and her husband Sam provide respite care for children and young people who need additional support.