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Garden waste collections

Terms and conditions

The following agreement is made between the person requesting and paying for the service (the applicant) and Wiltshire Council (the council) and governs the fortnightly collection of garden waste.

Use of data

We will process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

We will not share your personal data with third parties without your permission. The data you provide to receive a chargeable garden waste service will be kept secure in the council's databases. It may be shared with our appointed partners to provide you with this service.

The policies which govern our use of your data are outlined in our privacy policy and the waste services data subjects' information notice.

Collection of garden waste and presentation of containers

The council and its contractors will not collect garden waste other than that contained in the designated garden waste container which has been paid for. 

All containers must clearly display the house name or number, under the handle, on the back of the container, so the crew can identify the service has been paid for. The council asks that you put your house number on the back of the container, and they should be presented with handles facing outwards. If the address is not clearly visible to crews, they may not empty a container, as they cannot verify the service has been paid for. It is the resident's responsibility to clearly display the house name or number on their container.

On the day of collection, containers should be placed at the edge of properties at the kerbside with the container handle facing out towards the road, or at a point on any shared private access nearest to a publicly adopted vehicular highway.

Containers for garden waste should be removed from the kerbside as soon as possible after collection but no later than 10pm on the day of collection.

Lids of garden waste containers must be fully closed. The council and its contractors will not empty containers when the lids are not fully closed. Container lids must be closed for the containers to be lifted safely without risk of the container falling off the container lift.

The council and its contractors aim to collect waste on bank and public holidays except where these fall on 25 December, 26 December, or 1 January. Collection days may be subject to change, but any changes will be publicised in advance. Residents can use the Waste collection calendar (opens new window) to find out when their rubbish and recycling will be collected.

The council will suspend garden waste collections for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. If the service is suspended at any other time (due to factors such as inclement weather, for example) the council and its contractors will provide an additional collection to catch up.

The council and its contractors reserve the right not to empty any container that, in its reasonable opinion, poses a health and safety risk to operatives. If containers are too heavy to be safely moved, the council and its contractors will require the resident to reduce the weight of garden waste in containers before any further attempt is made to empty them, which would take place on the next scheduled collection day.

Should the lid or contents of containers be frozen or over-compacted, the council and its contractors will endeavour to release the contents using the lifter on the collection vehicle, but some waste may remain in the container. The council and its contractors are unable to return to empty the frozen or over-compacted containers before the next scheduled collection. No refunds will be given in this situation as it is outside of the council and its contractors' control.

Real Christmas trees can be left out for collection next to your garden waste container on your first scheduled collection in January for composting. For health and safety reasons, trees over 5ft should be cut into manageable pieces and placed in the garden waste container or the crew may not be able to collect.

Payment for garden waste collection service

A new agreement requesting payment will be automatically sent out annually for the service to continue. Renewals will be sent to email addresses if provided. If the payment is not received prior to the expiration of the resident's current agreement, we the council will assume that you the resident no longer require the service, and their collections will cease.

The resident may terminate this agreement by giving one month's written notice. No refunds will be given.

The council normally reviews its charges annually but reserves the right to vary charges with reasonable notice at any time.

Each payment covers the emptying of a 180-litre container. For the majority of properties this will be a 180-litre wheeled container.  Where, in the opinion of the council, the storage space, access to/from the point of collection, or the specific vehicle used to collect from a property means it is not suitable for wheeled containers, the council will provide and collect reusable bags up to the same capacity as the standard issue of a 180-litre container.

Each payment covers the cost of providing one fortnightly garden waste collection until 30 June 2025, and not a set number of collections. The price the resident pays is dependent on when they sign up. All contracts end on 30 June.  The dates when the payment amount changes are displayed on the Garden waste collections page on the council's website .     

If a resident's container is missed, they must report this to the council within 2 working days of the scheduled collection so it can be rectified. No refunds will be given for unreported missed collections or if the council is not informed within 2 working days of the scheduled collection.

Storage and safe keeping of garden waste containers

Any container provided shall remain the property of the council.

The resident is responsible for ensuring that each container is clearly labelled with the property address. Collection crews will only empty containers which they can identify as paid.

Residents are required to keep the containers in a safe location on their property, use them only for their designated purpose, keep them clean and report any loss or damage.

During the life of this agreement the resident shall be responsible for the container, its cleanliness, and the cleanliness of the site around the container.

The resident is responsible for keeping the container safe and secure. In the event of the container being lost, stolen or damaged the resident may be required to pay the council for the cost of a replacement container and its delivery. Such costs shall be payable by the applicant to the council on demand and shall be recoverable by the council as a debt. Routine repairs or replacements of containers will be carried out where the council reasonably considers it necessary due to normal wear and tear, or damage caused during the emptying operation. Standard size containers (180 litres) will be issued whenever a replacement is made.

If the resident moves to a new house, all containers should be left at the property. Please contact the council to report a change of address  so the council can collect the garden waste container or ask the new occupant if they wish to receive the service. Residents can do this through the Change garden waste collection address (ilforms) (opens new window). If the resident is moving to a different property within the Wiltshire Council area and would like to continue to receive a charged garden waste collection at their new property, the council can transfer their contract to the new property and will ensure that a container is available at their new house. The resident must inform the council of this change using the Change garden waste collection address (ilforms) (opens new window) . If the resident is moving outside Wiltshire or would like to cancel their contract, they can do so but they would not be entitled to a refund. 

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