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B4069 Lyneham Banks

Lyneham Banks landslip information and ongoing updates

The B4069 at Lyneham Banks has been closed since February 2022, when a major landslip broke up the road, moving it 25 metres downhill. Since then, the council has been working hard to establish the cause of the landslip and assess the best way to rebuild the road and prevent the landslip reoccurring.

The process began with months of careful assessment and detailed ground investigations, including drilling 31 boreholes and 21 trial pits, as well as extensive sampling and monitoring of water levels and ground movement to establish the cause and extent of the landslip.

Analysis revealed that the landslip was probably triggered by a combination of factors, including historic weaknesses, increased groundwater flows, and additional loading due to nearby development.

To rebuild the road and prevent the slip from happening again, the council considered several options and concluded that the best way forward would be the construction of a retaining wall using bored piles and ground anchors, coupled with drainage systems to manage groundwater flows.

Work on site is due to begin in summer 2024 and the council expects the road to reopen in spring 2025.

Once the B4069 has reopened, the council will be undertaking repairs to the local road network, which has been subject to increased traffic during the closure of the road.

Contract Award

Following a thorough procurement process, Wiltshire Council has announced its intention to award the contract to rebuild the B4069 at Lyneham Banks, along with significant drainage works, to Octavius Infrastructure Limited.


In February 2024 a planning application was submitted with the proposals for the road. The planning application PL/2024/02330 can be viewed through Wiltshire Councils Planning Portal

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Whilst movements on the main landslip have slowed considerably, we are still noticing movements further along the B4069 to the west.

We have been undertaking further surveys to help understand those wider and more progressive movements further along the B4069 and explore solutions. Observations have included an extended drone survey which has covered the entire B4069 from the current landslip down to the Clack Hill junction.

We are also undertaking weekly monitoring visits to record and track the current movements and more detailed inclinometer readings at monthly intervals.

Anticipated Programme (Subject to land agreements and planning)
Design WorkSpring 2023 - Winter 2023
Procurement Winter 2023 - Spring 2024
PlanningWinter 2023 - Spring 2024
ConstructionSummer 2024 - Spring 2025

Webinar - progress of the scheme

On Monday 24 April, we held a webinar about the progress of the scheme to repair the B4069 Lyneham Banks, you can watch a recording of this via the link below. Also available, for download, are the webinar presentation, and a document capturing the questions and answers from the session (also listed in the frequently asked questions section below).

Watch a recoding of the webinar (opens new window)

Lyneham Banks Webinar Presentation (OpenDocument text format) [6MB] (opens new window)

Lyneham Banks webinar Q&A (OpenDocument text format) [440KB] (opens new window)

Frequently Asked Questions

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